What We Do


We offer a broad range of services that enable clarity, alignment and execution of your current objectives while building your capability for tomorrow. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to large multinationals, from corporates to NGOs.

Creating a Clear View and Path for Tomorrow

Strategy & Change Facilitation

We work with decision makers tasked with the development of new strategies or the refreshing and implementation of existing strategies.

Executive Coaching

We use a range of best practice coaching tools and models across role preparation, role transitioning and role enhancement coaching. We ensure clear outcomes upfront, help build practical plans and work to ensure the desired change and results are realized.

Talent Management & Engagement

We are passionate about creating learning environments where people are empowered to not only learn new theories but to enjoy and engage in the application of new learnings, tools and processes as part of a shared experience.

Ensuring Solid Foundations:

The ongoing development of the core skills and capability of your people is essential for today’s high performing organizations. The breadth of Redwood and Co.’s customized solutions is in line with today’s ever changing needs, spanning: Sales & Service Enablement, Core Skills Development, Management Development and Strategic Leadership Development.