sTess Horan

Leadership Development Consultant, Professional Coach and Creator of Possibilities - USA

Tess Horan is an experienced Professional Coach and Leadership Development Consultant specializing in enhancing the professional growth and leadership skills of executives, managers and teams.

Key areas of expertise include –

  • Designing organizational development solutions and workshops
  • Facilitating training and development courses
  • Executive and management coaching
  • Facilitation of 360 feedback facilitation processes
  • Implementing team development and collaborative processes
  • Group facilitation and team building

As a Professional Coach since 2001, Tess’s insightful questioning and goal-driven conversations has exposed new possibilities and created professional development to support her clients in reaching their goals. She works with organizations and communities that value collaboration and trust and are committed to the wellbeing of their people. This results in more stewardship by leaders, managers who coach and empower their teams and less employee turnover. She assists newly promoted or transitioned leaders and managers so they hit the ground running and do not fall into old costly patterns.

Key Projects

  • Executive coaching: One to One coaching focused on enhancing skills, behaviours, and motivations required to achieve a balance of both organizational and personal objectives. Growing self-awareness for the sake of leading from self-knowledge and empowerment of others.
  • Strategy design and implementation: Facilitating and implementing strategic processes, coaching executives and managers within this and developing leadership skills, behaviours and work processes to support strategy.
  • Leadership and Team development: provide team conversational, collaborative and trust Assessments to uncover breakdowns. Create a strategy to address the underlying issues. Developing individual and collective team skills, behaviours, moods and trust to support new overall strategy.
  • Change Management: Support Senior Leadership Teams in developing and implementing strategic organizational change programs in line with their overall mission, vision and desired outcomes.