hHelen Toogood

High Performance Leadership Team Coach - International

Helen is a highly sought after motivational, down-to-earth and extremely approachable leader and facilitator who believes that “all people are extraordinary human beings.  If we truly, deeply understand each other, act with compassion and respect, we will make this world a better place”. This coupled with her strengths of Ideation, Strategic, Woo, Communication and Positivity means that she is fascinated by finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena, quickly spots the relevant patterns and issues, creates alternative ways to proceed, loves the challenge of connecting people, together, to the idea, through positive communication!

Her passion for excellence and vitality is delivered through people who enjoy life and work. This leads to a strong desire to see real diversity and the agile work patterns, styles and cultures to enable this. This challenges the paradigms of how we do business today.

Helen works with leading global organisations, advising, consulting, team coaching and running workshops and  interventions in talent management, leadership, change management, mentoring & reverse mentoring and consultative relationship management.

Her specialities include transformational leadership and development of high performing, diverse global teams with a focus on helping them achieve their full potential.