The Challenge

Working within a heavily regulated environment, the Redwood and Co. assignment was to help further transition the role of Quality within a Medical Device Manufacturer from working ‘on the business’ to working ‘in the business.’

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Solution Developed and Implemented:

  1. Using Appreciative Inquiry to focus on building upon what is already working well, focus groups where conducted at a pilot site which had been through a M&A scenario and where a mix of Quality experiences and cultures where ‘living.’
  2. Visual Facilitation was next used to help people ‘see’ rather than just intuitively know what was working and how – creating a clearer and more aligned picture of the current state and areas for improvement
  3. Combining Systems Thinking with Human Centred Design, workshops across the business were then conducted to help further establish an appreciation of the interconnectedness of both quality mind-sets and behaviours and quality processes – again highlighting and increasing alignment on areas for improvement
  4. Visual Consultancy was next leveraged to develop a clear picture of a new ‘To Be’ state where roles and behaviours and not just actions in relation to a Quality Culture were devised. With visual metaphors and stories created, people began to own their individual and collective journey and actions to deliver a new and better Quality Standard for the business …and its patients!

Impact to Date:

A clear vision and mission regarding a Quality Culture has evolved in which individuals and teams see Quality more as a business enabler, within everyone’s role and remit, and the Quality function is starting to truly serve a championing rather than a policing role.