Shop Direct

The Challenge

A young and fresh executive team, in looking to take a traditional retail business and transform it into a leading digital, on-line business, saw the need to truly push their own development out of the comfort zone if they were to effectively lead ‘disruption for growth’ within their business.   But how to do this with measurable impact?

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Solution Developed and Implemented:

Working with the CEO, Redwood and Co have designed and delivered a stimulating yet practical and focused development journey with the Executive Leadership Team.  The structure and style of the journey is stretching the team both personally and collectively through embracing such topics and backdrops as:

  1. Understanding Self and Others
  2. Doodling skills to enhance creative thinking and ensure greater alignment
  3. Emotional Intelligence – its role in business today and developing this critical leadership skill
  4. The benefits and practicalities of Being an Effective Coach
  5. Exploring Agile and its role and application in business transformation
  6. Storytelling – a craft and its purpose in leadership
  7. Developing Leadership Presence through Improvisation and Voice Capitalisation

Impact to Date:

The Executive Leadership Team have truly embraced an array of new and often stretching topics as a way to truly accelerate their leadership and business growth – experiencing the practical side of the individual topics while also leveraging the interconnectedness of the topics as a way to drive and measure the changes they are focused on delivering.

Here’s what Geoff Scully, Managing Director, Shop Direct Ireland has to say…

“Redwood and Co. have added huge value to our business. They have proved themselves to be an agile business partner, bringing with them a unique blend of experience from the corporate world and have demonstrated great ability in delivering modules designed to improve performance at all levels of our business. In particular, they have played key roles in facilitating our Leadership, Culture and Performance Development plans, which have delivered tangible results in a short timeframe. They have taken the time to properly understand our business model and culture and are key to the ongoing development of our management team on an individual and collective basis. Since partnering with Redwood and Co. our transformation into an agile business with high performance teams has accelerated. We will continue to work with Redwood and Co. as we continue to develop as individuals and as a team in an ever changing digital world.”