The Challenge

The site management team of an expanding technology business saw the need to ensure that as their local business and numbers grew they did not lose, but rather enhanced those aspects that are making them unique and valued by their clients and in their multi-national environment.

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Solution Developed and Implemented:

Working with the CEO and one of our strategic partners, Redwood and Co have designed and delivered a capability building framework and journey with the Executive Leadership Team. The journey involves a key focus on visual process and outputs as an enabler to alignment and vision creation which in turn will drive focused capability development. Some steps include:

  1. Envisioning our journey to date – our story as a roller coaster, on our wall
  2. Understanding our collective selves – a live infographic installation
  3. A focus on our Mindset going forward – interactive workshops
  4. Doodling skills to enhance creative thinking and ensure greater alignment – application clinics
  5. Storytelling & Influencing – Crafts with business purpose – interactive workshops
  6. Mastering Networking and the Route to becoming a High Performing Team – lunch & learn engagement sessions

Impact to Date:

To date a momentum has been ignited and a solid foundation built across both mind -set and skills that will better enable each member of the local site to see themselves as Leaders in the business and the Shapers and Sellers of the facilities’ future story of growth, both internally and externally.

Here’s what Paul Ryan, Sr. Director IT, Qualcomm has to say…

“During my engagement with Redwood & Co. I found that they are all about thinking outside the box! They creatively crafted and delivered workshops that were challenging, innovative, impactful and relevant to my particular business situations. My experience with them was that their engaging and curious consultants attuned their wealth of knowledge, experience and exercises, imparting invaluable tools and techniques to keep participants focused and moving forward”.