The Challenge

A global energy organization, operating across numerous geographies and cultures where historically people ‘did their own thing,’ the business recognized the need to come together to develop and implement a global Learning and Development Strategy that would support the overall strategic objectives of the business while at the same time continuing to appropriately address ‘local’ needs.

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Solution Developed and Implemented:

  1. An in-depth evaluation was carried out with the executive team in relation to the strategic direction of the business and current and anticipated needs and gaps, including future succession planning and role competency analysis, to deliver on its strategic objectives.
  2. A mix of focus groups and 121’s were held within each region, across the various levels and functions and leveraging Appreciate Inquiry methodologies, to understand what was working well and where improvement was needed in relation to L&D activity.
  3. A draft strategy was then developed that incorporated best in practice within the business, within the industry and within L&D
  4. A Draft Strategy was next circulated for comment and refinement, with all critical stakeholder groupings engaged towards alignment on a new way forward for L&D across the business

Impact to Date:

A Global L&D strategy is now in place that spans the next 3 years and sees the establishment of a Leadership Academy as a key focus and deliverable across the next 2 years as linked to succession planning needs.

Here’s what Kathleen Sullivan, Vice President,
Human Resources and Public Affairs, InterGen has to say…

“Our executive leadership team has been working with Redwood & Co for the past 2 years. During this time we have benefited from their global expertise and innovative approach to transformational leadership. Their keen focus on the internal business and creative approach to building alignment around a company vision and mission is enlightening and refreshing. Utilizing provocative and challenging questions, thought-provoking concepts, innovative methodologies and a “no-nonsense” approach, they have had a significant positive impact on our individual and collective leadership journey. I would highly recommend their services to any organization or business needing to have a fresh look at their leadership and culture.”