Are you a Senior Executive?

Who would like a global team to call upon to enable you to take on new and stretching projects

Are you a Senior Executive?

Who values collaboration from varying disciplines to inject new perspectives & bring new innovations to help clients reach their goals

Are you a Senior Executive?

Who enjoys opportunities where you get to work in a team environment with curious and experienced colleagues


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We at Redwood & Co. are always bringing together diverse talent to create something truly different that inspires & delivers meaningful change for our clients.
We are continually interested in discovering and meeting with new & interesting people – we invite you to discover and meet with us too!

What our collective are saying...

“When Carol O’Reilly of Redwood and Co. reached out to me to co-consult on a team that needed support, I was struck by the care she demonstrated for the client’s needs. Her decades of experience was palpable as she described the struggles and potential of the team. We quickly gained mutual understanding and we co-created a strategy. But what allowed the work to really flow and have an impact for the client was her trust in me. Her professionalism and top level vision, coupled with our mutual understanding, was the foundation for successful implementation. It was a great pleasure to work with such a wonderful company who is focused on the highest interest of their client with such care, trust and professionalism”

Tess Horan

We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Redwood & Co and their clients for the last few years. Redwood & Co bring a very practical, in depth and intelligent understanding of the very many challenges facing organisations today. That experience and knowledge is always evident in the learning and facilitation programmes they design and deliver with and for clients. Whether it is strategy development, leadership, coaching or change management projects, Redwood & Co provide participants with effective, valuable and easy to use tools and techniques that help propel their own and their team’s performance forwards”.

ClarkeGriffin Associates

“As a Consultant with Redwood & Co., I am fulfilling my business aim of making a difference to individuals and organisations who wish to make real change and move towards success by achieving their potential. Redwood & Co.’s focus on developing people and achieving results emanates through every facet of what they do. Carol and Lisa in particular provide wonderful support to their Consultants, encouraging learning and sharing innovate methods and techniques. As with their clients, they spend time developing relationships with their Consultants and will provide working opportunities that will harness and exploit the strengths of their Consultants. Carol and Lisa exhibit a high level of professionalism teamed with passion and energy. It is an honour to be associated with a professional, passionate and knowledgeable company such as Redwood & Co.”

Valerie O’Hanlon

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Carol O’Reilly at Redwood & Co. doing consulting work. I have worked in professional services divisions in many industries and have rarely come across someone who impresses me as much as Carol and her company. I find Carol to be a brilliant consultant and business strategist. Her level of support to me though my consulting work with her company was second to none. She is available, responsive and her feedback was always supportive and spot-on when reviewing my work. I cannot speak highly enough about this company or its founder, Carol O’Reilly. I look forward to continued collaboration with her and her associates at Redwood & Co.”

Jackie Woodside