Curiosity and Creativity in the face of Volatility

Posted on October 11, 2016

These fast-changing and uncertain times invite business leaders to enter and explore unknown territory. In taking this leap, leaders have the chance to discover original ways to navigate and respond successfully to the volatility of today’s business world; ways that exist outside of yesterday’s business mind-set.

These are times that beckon an attitude of exploration, experimentation and being curious about engaging in a quest to encounter novel and imaginative ideas that can inform our business practices.

Redwood & Co believe that in order for businesses to set sail on a journey of learning and discovery across the ocean of volatility, leaders must leverage curiosity as a mechanism. 

By exploring and experimenting with new perspectives, methodologies and approaches – outside of what we know – creativity and imagination are sparked. Leaders of today need not only be curious themselves, they need to empower and engage the curiosity of those they lead. The secret of which, we believe, lies in the ability of leaders to host an environment of ‘acceptance’, and here’s why…

Curiosity and acceptance go hand in hand. To find creative ideas to our challenges by diving into unknown territory, it’s important to accept that we may not come out first, second or third time around with the perfect solution or ground-breaking epiphany.

Inspiration leadership involves adopting the ethos that solution-finding to achieve success and growth is not a singular event, but a journey- a commitment to discovery.

In Redwood&Co’s view, it’s the journey itself which will leave leaders of today with surprising food for thought!

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