September – December 2016
An Interview with Redwood & Co
Organisational Resilience and Cybernetics
♦ Curiosity and Creativity in the face of Volatility
♦ Leveraging Vulnerability to Enable Alignment
♦ Conscious Leadership Exists Above the Line
♦ Creative Leadership Series Part 1: Leading Through Play
♦ Redwood & Co’s Top 12 Inspirational Authors, Thinkers and Stories
January – December 2017
♦ 5 Mindful Leadership in Action Fundamentals
♦ Creative Leadership Series Part 2: Leading Through Laughter
♦ The Motivation Illusion & Creativity
♦ Creative Leadership Series Part 3: Leading through Storytelling, the Neuroscientist’s Perspective
♦ Get Creative with Power-Boosting Non-Verbals
♦ The Magic in Authentic Leadership
♦ When Collaborative Action Becomes Music: Leading Like a Conductor
♦ Awakening to Possibilities by Conquering your Villains of Decision-Making (According to the Heath Brothers)
 Assertiveness: Transforming Conversations Towards ‘What else is Possible?’
 What The Goddess Athena Can Teach Us About Mentoring
 Leadership and Designing with the Archetypes
 Creative Leadership Series, Part 4. Meditation & Transforming Perception – Meeting Each Moment Afresh
 Radiating Confidence. A State of Presence?
 Self-Trust: Reflections from Cirque du Soleil Acrobats and a Mystical Poet
January – December 2018
Time Assassins and Missing Chapters from the Stories of Iconic Achievers
The Neuroscience Behind “What’s Yet to be Discovered?”
Surprise Yourself – Play with Metaphors!
Dynamic Leadership as a Lever to Hosting ‘Transitional-Led Learning’
The Cyclic Rhythm of Creativity & Productivity
Adaptation as the Foundation of Innovation
Resilience – Your Choice
The Art of Authentic Networking
Where Our Attention Goes, Energy Flows
Nudges! Sparking Transformation and Continuous Improvement
January – December 2019
Dialogue and Team Learning
The Gifts of Discomfort
Creative Rest and Recovery Techniques to Improve Productivity

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