Are you a Senior Executive?

Who is striving to leverage changing market opportunities while maintaining strategic focus

Are you a Senior Executive?

Who is questioning how your corporate culture can adapt to the changes you need your people to make

Are you a Senior Executive?

Who is attempting to communicate to, cascade and engage all levels of your business with your vision

Are you a Senior Executive?

Who is concerned about attracting, developing and retaining the right talent because you appreciate that people are your key advantage


At Redwood&Co.

We produce real and sustainable change, led and enacted by you, and supported by a team of highly experienced consultants who truly get what it takes to both lead people and deliver the results.

What We Do...

We offer a broad range of services that enable clarity, alignment and execution of your current objectives while building your capability for tomorrow. We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to large multinationals, from corporates to NGOs.

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How We Do It...

We begin by starting to ask questions, connecting to your vision and understanding your ‘as is’. With this clarity, we facilitate the assessment of your opportunities and the building of a plan to meet your particular needs. We then help you take practical and measurable steps toward your goals, taking what is learned and building it into the journey. 

  • Step 1: Visioning - exploring where you want to go / who you want to be / what you want to be different. Using a mix of exploratory techniques ranging from Visualisation to Collective Reflection and a broad mix in between, we work with you to gain clarity on your desires and intentions.

  • Step 2: As Is - Analysing objectively where you are now / those characteristics, behaviours and factors that are defining the current state. Via a mix of diagnostic approaches and tools, we next work with you to define openly and through various lenses where things currently stand.

  • Step 3: Assessing Opportunities - Evaluating optional approaches and routes / discussing and challenging various opportunities and mechanisms for moving forward. Mixing current best practice, trend and risk analysis and break through thought processing, a robust review of the possibilities are explored and agreed towards ‘filling the gap’.

  • Step 4: Building the Plan - Compiling, structuring and giving definition to the engagement, process and evaluation steps/formulating the blue print for realising the desired change. Outlining what the steps are, what resources are needed, who is responsible and how you will know you are moving the right direction.

  • Step 5: Actioning Towards Visioning - Ensuring activities are taking place / responding as necessary to variances and challenges. Rolling up the sleeves and working as appropriate to confirm that the plan is progressing and any issues arising are identified and dealt with appropriately.

  • Step 6: Learning for the Future - Reflecting on both ‘the what and the how’ of the engagement / summarising considerations with a future focus. Gathering the lessons and insights gained through the journey and process so that continuous learning leads to an unceasing appetite for discovery potential and realising change.

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