eRyan O’Reilly

High Performance Coach (ACC), International Speaker on Performance and Resilience, Author - International

Author of “Shifting Gears – how to harness your drive to reach your potential and accelerate success” (Morgan James, NY 2016) Ryan is a high-performance coach (ACC) for business leaders, sales teams, inside sales groups, sports teams, elite athletes and executives and is hired internationally by clients as a professional speaker on high performance and resilience.

Having spent fifteen years as a Senior Sales Leader leading large sales teams across multiple territories for three Fortune 100 Tech Companies, including Apple and Dell, as well as working in California, Australia, the UK, and Ireland, Ryan is very passionate about leadership, building high performing teams (breaking through plateaus and realising their true potential!).

Ryan has just completed his Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Personal & Business Coaching at UCC, with his thesis research looking at “The coaching language of High Performance Sports Coaches.” He is also a keen marathoner and adventure cyclist.