tDaron Sheehan

Strategic Consultant & Solutions Advisor: Sustainability Meets Business - Europe

“Sustainability is the Mindset that makes Global Sense of Business”

Daron works with leaders to reinforce resilience and dynamism in their organisations by exploring with them the relationships between sustainability and their business. Together we collaboratively develop creative and holistic solutions, moulding their core visions to embrace the complex, grounding business results in long-term, global frameworks.

After 15+ years of experience as CEO and FD to successful traditional investment companies, operating in domestic and international markets, Daron leveraged his growing curiosity of the shift to a more environmentally and socially sustainable economy through directing a responsible investment company which innovatively brought the two worlds- traditional business and sustainability – together. Eight years later, Daron now share his stories, lessons and insights with others as a consultant, writer, and speaker.

Inspired by the ingenious creativity and resilience of the natural world, Daron believes in the importance of the business world embracing diversity. His own global multicultural experiences have shown him the benefits of cross fertilising ideas and solutions.

Range of Consulting Areas Bridging Sustainability and Business:

  • Coaching & Development
  • Strategic Brainstorming
  • Tactical Framework Formulation