Our Global Team

Meet some of the Cool and Diverse members of our Global Team who, like us, enjoy sharing their passion, time, knowledge, skills and creative tools

Meet the Team
  • cCarol O’Reilly
    Founding Director and Journey Orchestrator
  • dVanessa Sheehan
    Dialogue Facilitator, Senior Creative Content Developer
  • eRyan O’Reilly
    High Performance Coach (ACC), International Speaker on Performance and Resilience, Author
  • fKathleen Sullivan
    International Leadership Consultant
  • fPaula Clarke
    Motivational Speaker, Communications Consultant and Potentialist
  • gPatrick Griffin
    Expert Facilitator & Trainer
  • hHelen Toogood
    High Performance Leadership Team Coach
  • iDavid Harper
    International Leadership Consultant
  • iGoretti Brady
    Senior Strategy, Management & Development Consultant
  • iNaomi Fein
    Graphic Harvester and Visual Process Methodologies & Visual Strategy Consultant
  • jValerie O’Hanlon
    Senior Learning & Development Specialist and Coach
  • kMike Hensey
    Strategy and Executive Development Specialist & Coach
  • lGillian McGrath
    Training and Leadership Development Specialist and Executive Coach
  • mOlive Fives
    Senior Organisational Development Expert & Coach
  • mUna Crilly
    Learning & Performance Consultant
  • nJackie Woodside
    Energy Leadership Practitioner, Executive Coach & Clinical Consultant
  • nTess Horan
    Leadership Development Consultant, Professional Coach and Creator of Possibilities
  • oMary Lynch
    Senior OD and Learning and Development Consultant & Coach
  • pDaron Sheehan
    Strategic Consultant & Solutions Advisor: Sustainability Meets Business
  • qHarry Largey
    Strategy and Innovation Advisor
  • qLinda Coyle
    Voice Capitalisation Trainer
  • Diznarda Zuloaga
    Organisational Development Consultant & Coach